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Why is Less More?

There is no substitute for healthy teeth, effective oral hygiene, and sensible dietary habits.  The goal of dentistry is to preserve the health and natural condition of all teeth for the life of the patient with the most preventive and least invasive treatment possible.

ALTERED TEETH: Small Silver (Amalgam) Fillings

Because these non-adhesive amalgam restorations are so small and non-invasive, they have served this patient well for more than 45 years. This is compelling evidence that less dentistry is better dentistry.

ALTERED TEETH: Full Crowns and Root Canals

The amount of invasion and tooth reduction necessary to place a full crown on a tooth occasionally results in the devitalization of the tooth. Subsequent root canal treatment is then necessary to salvage the tooth. In this case three of the seven teeth with full crowns required root canal treatment after the crowns were completed.

ALTERED TEETH: Older Full Crowns

Eventually teeth that “wear” full crowns exhibit significant changes on root surfaces, gums and bony support. Full crowns are difficult to maintain, difficult to repair and expensive to replace.

Too Much Dentistry

More dentistry leads to a lifetime of more and more dentistry. These photos provide convincing evidence that more dentistry is difficult for the patient to care for and require a lifelong commitment to repair and replacement.

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