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All I want for Christmas…

When I was six years old, my two front teeth were missing for the holidays, and I can distinctively remember the childhood Christmas song  “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth”.  Although I considered my missing teeth quite a disfigurement, most of my peers had the same condition, so I dismissed it as a simple quality of “growing up”.

The years passed and my permanent teeth came in, but they came in crooked.  I dreamed of straight teeth and a beautiful smile, but being of a family of six children, I instinctively knew that braces to straighten my teeth were not an economic possibility for my parents.  In spite of it all, I developed a rather confident personality.  I learned to adapt to my crooked teeth, but secretly my smile always bothered me.

For twenty-five years of marriage, my husband and I always placed our children’s priorities first, but during those years he learned my most private and deepest secret; the “crooked appearance of my smile”.  Although it never bothered him, nevertheless, for Christmas this year he decided to give me the smile of my dreams.  He told me about his dentist, Dr. Tom Hughes here in Monument and what he thought might be possible based on the photographs that he had seen of Dr. Hughes’ patients.   Soon after, I made an appointment with Dr. Hughes to discuss my expectations and my options with the many new techniques now available with modern dentistry.  Now, thanks to the insistence of my husband and the skills of Dr. Hughes, I have the smile of my dreams.  It’s miraculous and it is indeed a dream come true.

With a tear of happiness in my eye and gratitude that I find hard to express, I just want to say…Thank you, Dr. Hughes, and Merry Christmas!

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