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Tongue Ring Damage

I was unprepared for the moment my 18-year-old daughter, Sarah, arrived home sporting a new piece of jewelry she’d arranged for and purchased all by herself—a tongue ring.

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Those Masculine Good Looks

According to the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the number of cosmetic surgical procedures performed on American men jumped by over 40% since 2002.  Currently, men undergo 15% of eyelid surgeries, and 24% of nose jobs.

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The Incredible Disappearing Smile

I’d always had a fairly nice smile. My teeth were in proportion, and I’d had braces as a child. But something weird was happening to my midlife smile, just when I needed it most. I noticed the change when I was having publicity photos taken when I was embarking on a speaking tour following the publication of my first book.

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People are Smiling at Me

I’ve never been happy with the appearance of my smile.  I didn’t have braces when I was a child, and I didn’t think there was an alternative to braces to straighten my crooked teeth.  A few years ago, a dentist even suggested I get braces now, but believe me; I’m beyond the age where braces are common in my social circles. 

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Putting Dentistry Costs in Perspective

Dr. Hughes informed me that I had worn a hole in the chewing surface and the margins were showing early signs of decay. It simply had “outlived its usefulness”. When he told me the cost of replacement, I initially had “sticker shock”. Dr. Hughes has been in practice for more than 30 years and has a sense of humor. He placed a zip-lock bag full of old retired dentures and partial dentures in my lap and said, “It’s a lot better than the alternative”.

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No Poking Required

While I was in the office of Dr. Tom Hughes here in Monument for my routine six-month exam and hygiene appointment, he noticed a suspicious area on one of my teeth. Instead of aggressively poking the area on my tooth with a sharp instrument, he gently used a small laser to make a final evaluation of tooth density and possible decay. It was impressive, painless and in a word; miraculous.

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No More Black Fillings

For years my dentist continued to put “silver fillings” in my teeth whenever I had a cavity. Over the years the fillings became numerous, turned black and showed every time I talked or smiled. I wanted my teeth to be white and beautiful again, so when I mentioned my concerns to one of my close friends, she immediately referred me to Dr. Tom Hughes here in Monument.

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My Space

My grandfather had it, my father has it and I have it. It’s a space between my two front teeth. It’s a genetic condition, and I was told that nothing could be done to correct it.

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“Grandpa, Your Teeth are Black”

Kids say the darndest things, as Art Linkletter used to say. Sometimes they’re so painfully true that it gives you pause! My wife and I were up in Fort Collins attending the fourth birthday party of our grandson, Kiefer. We played it up, putting on the silly hats and taking turns swiping at the piñata.  Kiefer sat on my lap while we ate our cake and ice cream, staring at me in that four-year-old way, and then he said, “Grandpa, when you open your mouth, the teeth in the front are white, but the teeth in the back are black.”

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Dentistry is Like Tires and Brakes…It Wears Out

I was recently in the dental office of Dr. Tom Hughes here in Monument for my routine dental check-up and hygiene appointment. Upon his examination, Dr. Hughes noticed that I had worn through the tongue side of the porcelain crowns on my upper two front teeth.

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Glued On Tooth Chips

Have you ever been on your way out to dinner with your spouse and gotten that dreaded phone call, “Your child is hurt”?  “Jonathan broke his two front teeth”, came our friend’s voice.

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All I Want For Christmas…

When I was six years old, my two front teeth were missing for the holidays, and I can distinctively remember the childhood Christmas song  “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth”.  Although I considered my missing teeth quite a disfigurement, most of my peers had the same condition, so I dismissed it as a simple quality of “growing up”.

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A Complement to Braces

The braces came off my teeth when I was 16. I’d worn them for three years, an eternity for a teenaged boy. Then came two more years with the retainer, a vile contraption I had to remove each time I ate, wrapping it in a napkin so as not to gross out the other guys.

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