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Adhesion Bridges

Adhesion bridges are minimally invasive and provide very acceptable function and esthetics. To facilitate oral hygiene, strength, and longevity, adhesion bridges are cantilevered from a single tooth and are adhered (“bonded”) to the inside surface of the largest and strongest tooth adjacent to the “missing tooth space”.

Adhesion bridges reliably provide long-term tooth replacement solutions when placed in low leveraged areas of the mouth (toward the front of the mouth). Adhesion bridges also sometimes serve as interim restorations to provide the time necessary for bone healing, development, and maturation prior to the placement of dental implants.


Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal “Fixed Bridges”

Years ago, this procedure was considered “state-of-the-art” for tooth replacement. Today, however, it is considered the treatment of choice only given the following conditions or combination of conditions:

1. It is a replacement restoration for a previously placed and failing fixed bridge.
2. Neither adjacent tooth will support a cantilevered adhesion bridge.
3. The intra-oral leverage zone is too great to support a cantilevered adhesion bridge.
4. The adjacent teeth have previously been heavily invaded for extremely large and failing fillings or failing full crowns.
5. The bone health and/or bone density is inadequate to support a dental implant.



The problems associated with fixed bridge restorations are as follows:

1. Gross tooth reduction on adjacent teeth.
2. Difficult long-term oral hygiene maintenance condition for the patient.
3. Lifelong repair and/or replacement requirement.
4. Artificial esthetic appearance.

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