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Dentistry is Like Tires and Brakes…It Wears Out

I was recently in the dental office of Dr. Tom Hughes here in Monument for my routine dental check-up and hygiene appointment.  Upon his examination, Dr. Hughes noticed that I had worn through the tongue side of the porcelain crowns on my upper two front teeth.  With an intra-oral camera, he was able to show me in detail the amount of wear that had occurred over the years.  How many years was it I thought, and then I remembered that the crowns had been placed on my teeth after I fractured them in a high school football game more than thirty years ago.

Thirty years is tremendous service for something that I use every day, but for some reason, I thought that crowns were supposed to last forever.  I knew that “nothing lasts forever” and even I could see the amount of wear, so I made an appointment to replace them.

Needless to say, the newer dental techniques are fast and the materials are incredible. When he placed my new porcelain crowns, I couldn’t believe how much better they looked and felt.  I then realized just how much I had accommodated to something in the middle of my face that over the years had worn and become quite unattractive.

I was then moved to put Dr. Hughes on the spot, so I asked him how long these new crowns would last.  Now, if you know Dr. Hughes, you also know that he loves cars and can always make an automotive analogy when it comes to dentistry.  His reply was very fast and honest:  he replied, “All of our restorative services in this office are guaranteed for five years, but remember, Dentistry is like tires and brakes…it wears out.”

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