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Repairing Ditches with Adhesive Composites

Ditches in the center of teeth can be covered and completely masked with adhesive composites. The technique is minimally invasive, simple and the results can last decades.

Restoring Ditched Teeth at the Gumline

Areas of exposed root surfaces near the gums are frequently “ditched” due to years of clenching, grinding and flexing of the teeth and/or brushing back and forth with a stiff toothbrush. Shallow “ditched” areas can be safely restored with minimally invasive techniques that essentially leave the teeth and gums undisturbed.

Restoring “ditched” areas enables better hygiene, improves aesthetics and provides a layer of protection against further abrasion. Caution must be exercised, however, when restoring extremely deep lesions because the proximity of a deep ditch to the central tooth nerve can occasionally cause a sudden onset of sensitivity to chewing pressures and thermal changes. These symptoms can persist for months and occasionally require root canal treatment to completely alleviate the symptoms.

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