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Center Gap Repaired with Porcelain Veneers or with Direct Adhesion Bonding

When a minimal but complete space exists between two teeth, placement of direct composites on both adjacent teeth can successfully close the space without any invasion to either adjacent tooth.  Space between front teeth can also be repaired by the placement of porcelain veneers. Both of these treatments are fast, defy detection and the results function for many years without any special attention.

Small Teeth Repaired with Porcelain Veneers

Naturally small teeth can be enlarged for function and beauty with the placement of multiple porcelain veneers. With reasonable care and strict attention to oral hygiene, these porcelain veneers could serve this patient for decades.

Dark Triangles at Gumline Repaired with Direct Adhesion Bonding

Direct placement of adhesive composites can now eliminate those annoying “dark triangles” between the teeth near the gum line. These adhesive materials can be placed without any invasion to the natural teeth, and therefore the procedure is usually completed without using local anesthetics. The results can last for years and require no special attention other than effective oral hygiene.

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