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Glued On Tooth Chips

Have you ever been on your way out to dinner with your spouse and gotten that dreaded phone call, “Your child is hurt”?  “Jonathan broke his two front teeth”, came our friend’s voice.

The heartache over this accident just wouldn’t go away.  We just kept hoping that it was all a bad dream and that our son’s front teeth would be perfect as soon as we awakened.  We even asked ourselves that famous question, “If we can go the moon, then why can’t we glue the pieces back on his teeth?”

When we called our dentist here in Monument, Dr. Tom Hughes, he told us to “keep the pieces of our son’s teeth in water and bring them with us to his office”.  A faint spark of hope touched our hearts.  Did he mean no disfiguring caps?  Could our dentist somehow miraculously “glue” the large chips back on his teeth?  Well, after two hours in Dr. Hughes’ dental office, our son had his own teeth bonded back together without any pain or discomfort.  They never looked so beautiful: this was truly a modern miracle!

We delight in telling you this story because there are so many new techniques in dentistry.  Just like in medicine, there are new cures and techniques discovered every day.  As it turned out, Dr. Hughes had performed this procedure before on other patients.   Nevertheless, he was very patient with us and explained every step (as well as seeing us on his day off).  In our hearts, we somehow knew that there must be a way; and indeed, there was:  we witnessed a miracle before our very eyes!  Thank you again, Dr. Hughes, for staying current with your profession and for providing for our son the wonders of modern dental care.   We shall not forget you!

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