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The Incredible Disappearing Smile

I’d always had a fairly nice smile. My teeth were in proportion, and I’d had braces as a child. But something weird was happening to my midlife smile, just when I needed it most. I noticed the change when I was having publicity photos taken when I was embarking on a speaking tour following the publication of my first book. The photographer did a great job, but in the middle of my widest smile, my teeth were so dark it actually looked as if they’d almost disappeared!

It wasn’t just coffee stains. Something else was going on. My teeth had turned gray near the gum line and were mottled. I had the photos retouched, but I knew it was time to have my whole smile retouched! Confidence is a public speaker’s secret weapon, and mine was in need of rebuilding.

Years ago, I had gone to Dr. Tom Hughes while he was practicing in Los Angeles and teaching cosmetic dentistry at USC. I looked him up and found him in Monument, Colorado. (Lucky, those people of Monument, Colorado!)

I traveled from Washington State to have Dr. Hughes do this work because I knew I could trust the result. I wanted my smile back, but I didn’t want some exaggerated, ultra-white newscaster smile.

It was clear that bleaching my teeth would not accomplish the look I sought: the staining was inside the teeth. It took only two visits, but Dr. Hughes restored my smile. Using the latest in veneer and adhesive materials, taking his time and letting be an important partner in the deliberations, he was able to find a not-too-white color that goes with my age and complexion and looks 100% natural. Now when I smile, I have teeth again, and confidence to boot.

Next week, I travel to Denmark to give one of my talks. I’ll be taking a new smile and a new outlook to the conference!


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