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Removing Mottling (Blemishes) with Acidic Micro Abrasion

White and dark spots in the incisal third of front teeth are frequently over-calcified areas of enamel. These spots can often be reduced with acidic micro abrasion. The treatment is non-invasive, pain-free and the results are long lasting.

Blemishes near Gumline

White spot lesions near the gums are frequently under-calcified areas of enamel. These areas often resolve themselves with time due to the presence of calcium and phosphate in the saliva. If white spot lesions persist, the least invasive treatment is either topical application of concentrated pastes containing calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions or the penetration of these areas with infiltrating resins.

Disguising Tooth Blemishes with Direct Bonding

Tooth blemishes can be covered and completely masked with adhesive composites. By first removing the blemish and then restoring the area with direct adhesive composites, large and deep tooth blemishes can be completely reduced in a single appointment. The technique is minimally invasive, simple and the results can last decades.

Covering Mottled Teeth with Porcelain Veneers

When there are numerous mottled and severely worn front teeth, the placement of multiple porcelain veneers enables minimal tooth reduction and promotes long-term function and esthetics. These photographs serve to illustrate that with minimal tooth reduction, severely worn and damaged teeth can be restored to a condition of comfort, function, and beauty with the placement of multiple porcelain veneers. With reasonable care and strict attention to oral hygiene, these porcelain veneers could serve this patient for decades.

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