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No More Black Fillings

For years my dentist continued to put “silver fillings” in my teeth whenever I had a cavity.   Over the years the fillings became numerous, turned black and showed every time I talked or smiled.  I wanted my teeth to be white and beautiful again, so when I mentioned my concerns to one of my close friends, she immediately referred me to Dr. Tom Hughes here in Monument.  Later that week, I called and made an appointment with Dr. Hughes to discuss the sensitivity that I had to my dental appearance.

At my initial appointment, Dr. Hughes was friendly, listened carefully and his exam was very thorough.  He was also patient with me and answered my numerous questions.  He showed me pictures from his photo books and explained that the “silver fillings” (called “Amalgam” in dental-talk) are really a 50:50 mixture of silver and mercury.  He further explained that modern dentistry and adhesive technologies have advanced to the point where dentists can now adhere materials directly to the teeth with tremendous success.  Furthermore, he explained that these new materials are non-toxic, long lasting, and closely match the shades of natural teeth.

I made three appointments in his office and had my unsightly “black fillings” replaced with the new tooth-colored filling materials.  His office is well organized, employs a very friendly staff, runs on time and the procedures are fast and without discomfort. Now my teeth are once again white and beautiful.  It’s so nice to know that no “black fillings” show when I laugh or talk…I haven’t enjoyed that level of confidence since I was eighteen. Thank you, Dr. Hughes, for staying current with your profession and for making available your advanced dental services to this community.

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