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Composite Restorations

Worn and failing older composite restorations can now be replaced with superior composite materials and advanced adhesion technologies. When these new composite restorations are placed within the limits of the material, the results provide function, esthetics and many years of service.

Composite restorative materials placed on the sides of teeth to restore and protect “ditched” areas eventually show signs of deterioration and failure. Retreatment is minimally invasive and will again provide years of service.

Composite restorative materials provide function and life-like esthetics, but like tires and brakes, dentistry wears out. Additionally, because composite materials lack decay-resistant qualities, routine check-ups and critical monitoring of these restorations is strongly advised.

Failing Sealants and Micro Restorations

With time, sealants and micro composite fillings wear and eventually require replacement. Today’s sealants and micro composite restorations provide years and years of function and service, but again, they do not last a lifetime.

Failing Full Crowns Replaced with New Full Crowns

When full crowns exhibit fractures, margin failures, perforations or lack of retention the crown is technically “worn out”. Because the tooth has previously been reduced and prepared to receive the placement of a full crown, replacement with a new full crown bonded in place with modern adhesives remains the treatment of choice.

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