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Precautions When Removing Amalgam Fillings (Mercury/Silver)

When removing old Amalgam fillings which are 50% mercury and 50% silver it is best to protect the patient and the staff from dangerous atomized particles during this removal procedure by working with a generous water spray and high volume evacuation system as well as large 350 CFM air vacuum held in close proximity to the patient’s mouth.

In addition, it is ideal if the patient is breathing oxygen through a nasal mask during this removal procedure to prevent inhalation of mercury/silver particles.

Often it is necessary to isolate the remaining areas of the oral cavity from the teeth with a rubber dam prior to removal of these toxic materials. It should also be noted that the office should be equipped with an amalgam separator to remove the mercury and silver particles from the chairside dental evacuation systems to prevent any potential contamination to the public water supply.

Contamination of mercury in the water supply from the removal of old dental fillings can be avoided by the addition of a mercury separator to the high-volume water evacuation system in the dental office.

There will soon be laws in the United States to enforce this very issue. Furthermore, the use of Amalgam (mercury/silver) filling materials are already banned from clinical use in many countries.

Amalgams Replaced with Pressed Ceramic

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