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The Latest Technology in Dentistry


UltraCam Intraoral Camera System

You will no longer be in the dark!

The UltraCam Intraoral Camera System instantly captures detailed images of your teeth.  With this advancement in photo technology, dental concerns can be accurately seen on the screen by both the patient and Dr. Hughes so that you may share in an educated conversation in evaluating your dental condition.  The camera has an intense magnification capability (27x) and can display individual images or up to four images on the monitor at one time.


With this laser decay-detection instrument, a tooth’s density may be measured as a means of pinpointing areas of decay. Because this laser is non-invasive, this instrument can painlessly quantify the depth of the cavity, allowing Dr. Hughes to easily diagnose and treat the problem at an earlier stage than by just using visual inspection and probing.

Before and After Prep Start


The PrepStart and Micro Etcher silently air-abrades damaged areas on teeth. The resulting tooth surfaces can then be adhered to with restorative materials that can be hardened instantly with a curing light.

Dental air abrasion is essentially a miniature Intra-oral sandblaster that produces a precise stream of air and abrasive particles that efficiently remove tooth decay without vibration, noise, heat or pressure.

Multiple teeth can be treated in a single visit and most often without the use of any local anesthetics. 

Air abrasion advantages for dentistry:

  • Air abrasion is micro-dentistry.  It provides faster dental treatment, preserves tooth structure, ensures greater patient comfort, and generates long-lasting functional and aesthetic restorations.
  • The resulting tooth surfaces are far better prepared to receive and retain bonded restorations.

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